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We can get you and your products known through us

What we offer

  • ASV Parking can offer various types of advertising that can by classified as non-traditional out-of-home advertising.

  • We can develop unexpected and unconventional marketing and media campaigns, potentially interactive, targeting your costumers in unexpected places.

  • We offer an unconventional way of performing marketing, media and promotional activities on very efficient costs

Because we are in direct contact with your clients, we can provide the following services:

  • Flyer and materials for distribution
    To promote your events, services, give away products, sales, discounts, special offers, …

  • Product sampling
    Samples of your products could be handed to all of our customers.

  • Niche advertising supports
    Advertise through our display information with logos or other immediately recognizable brand images or characters. We can offer the opportunity to advertise on the following:

- Valet polo shirts & hats

- Valet parking tickets
- Valet parking A-frame signs (people stopper)
- Valet parking cones

Advantages of working with us

  • Committed to success

  • Prove capabilities to manage large and complex projects

  • Closer to your clients

  • Interact with your clients

  • Nice and professional people

  • Open minded team

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